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How important are the name and logo for your entrepreneurial business, really?

I love the story of how Google chose their name. It shows an interesting process of naming a new startup or entrepreneurship. How to choose the best name and logo for my business is one of the most asked questions among entrepreneurs and new business owners. It makes sense. First, because this is what we do, right? When a new baby is born, the first thing we do is give them a name. The name differentiates us from every other person in the world -together with many other parameters- still; everything starts with the name.
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SEO? Blog Content? PR? Email marketing? Social media presence? Trade shows? Webinars?

As an entrepreneur, how should you choose which marketing activities to focus on? One of the startups I loved working with was B4UPay . I believed they would succeed and trusted the two founders to do good work. And they did. But then they closed the company. Much too early. For the wrong reasons. And I was devastated because they did everything right... Almost! The company closed because the cost per lead and cost per customer were too high, and they realized they weren’t able to be profitable.  Finding the right marketing tools for specific audiences at different stages of the entrepreneurial company is challenging.
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