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The truth about the chances of an entrepreneur to succeed

This episode is the last and final part of my 1st year anniversary special events. The issue of entrepreneurial and startups success rate seems to be a major issue. There isn’t a question about the high chances of failure. Did you ever ask yourself why? 20 years ago, establishing a startup involved trying new and unfamiliar technologies, which had quite a high chance of failing. But today, most of the startups are about new habits or better ways to organize traditional processes. Most of the technology is mature, and it seems like there shouldn’t be such a high percentage of failing startups and entrepreneurial businesses.
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How come successful entrepreneurs fail?

Because you can’t trust luck. But you can trust customers’ behavior, when tracked correctly. I was lucky to interview Marc Hemeon on my podcast. After scheduling the interview, Marc sent me a message making sure I know he quit Tech and is no longer part of the entrepreneurial world. Marc’s fantastic story is relevant for many entrepreneurs. “Today, I’m a ‘recovering entrepreneur’.” Marc told me. Last year, I closed a startup that I had founded in California; I sold my house and took a break from 20 years of tech. Right now I’m painting and doing art in the North Shore of Oahu.” Marc didn’t tell me right away that just before this last startup, he co-founded two very successful startups; Fflick, which was acquired by Google and YouTube a month after the launch while they surprisingly experienced a hype they couldn’t even dream of. The second was a startup he launched with his friend, it was an app for luxury watches and within less than two years they merged with the global leading company in the world of luxury watches.
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