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I preach nonstop about following Entrepreneurial Marketing Rules. However, it’s the creativity that we win for

Three success stories you’d love about winning entrepre-neurial success with creative marketing Antoine Martel is a real estate investment expert from San Mateo, California. At the age of 23, he is an incredibly successful real estate investor with a business that buys and sells over 100 homes a year. Antoine became so successful at such a young age because of his creativity. Antoine’s creativity is not about “Let’s do the most brilliant shining campaign that will be irresistible and will bring us a lot of new clients.” No. It’s exactly the opposite approach that led Antoine to win over and over.
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As an entrepreneur, what would you want to become in five years? 

Think about that for a moment. It’s not an easy question, and I’ll bet you don’t have a clear, concrete answer. So, really think about your answer. This is your goal. This is what you should aim for and where your entrepreneurship should lead you. You will be surprised. First, because from my experience with hundreds entrepreneurs, many are not totally sure about the answer and for quite a few, the entrepreneurship they are working on currently won’t get them there.
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