Startup Marketing Finance

The Definition

In Startup Marketing Finance we define economic and financial tools in order to execute your startup market strategy by improving profitability.

Marketing Finance:

"A process that focuses on the economical and financial evaluation of all essential aspects for your startup success from a marketing perspective."

Marketing finance is an innovative way to observe the implementation processes in your startup. As part of the startup economical and financial evaluation we seek the answers to several fundamental questions:

  • What is the reasonable penetration rate in the target markets as a result of the market research and market strategy and when are the first revenues expected?
  • What is the startup value and what share to give investors?
  • How should the business work to provide the shortest TTM and what are the costs involved?
  • When is the right time to recruit more staff and what are the costs involved?

A Winning Combination

"The essence of any company is to maximize value for shareholder" (Hayut Yogev)

The combination between marketing and finance is one of the most critical factor in the ability of any startup to achieve this maximum value.

To succeed, you need to sell your product with a precise market strategy and marketing plan. Implementing this plan and achieving best value for investors should be based on an optimal and explicit business model. This is where the integration between marketing and finance have to start.

Our business model is based on three main stages:

3 Stages Ring English

Marketing Finance Management

It is not about the numbers you write, it is how you make them work

Marketing finance is a new and innovative way of managing your startup to achieve both capital raising and financial results. With this perspective we define the business model through the marketing point of view.

Therefore, in order to help you mange expenses, track marketing and sales goals and achieve the highest profitability and ROI we offer a set of financial tools:

Financial Tools English

These tools will be defined especially through your startup market strategy and marketing plan in order to help you implement them with a great success.

For a professional valuation of your startup economical and financial evaluation, contact us today. We’d be glad to meet and provide more information on Rotem's marketing finance process.
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