Startup Marketing

Startup Marketing

The marketing management process begins by setting the company’s targets and objectives, driving all the focused and effective marketing activities that will allow the company to achieve a real breakthrough in awareness and sales within minimum time and effort.

Forming the marketing activities plan lay on the answers for two basic questions:

People Comprised Question Mark

  1. Where the potential customers are?
  2. How can we get to them?


Gaia’s marketing management process is designed to create a solid marketing foundation, drive and leverage the company’s marketing activities and build an independent marketing network.

Marketing Implementation

The process of Marketing Management will include:

  • Set and track your Go-To Market strategy new targets and objectives and work according to them.
  • Recruit the marketers and suppliers needed to drive continuous and ongoing marketing activity.‎
  • Work on the basis of a monthly marketing work plan.
  • Drive sales, lead generation, provide material support, etc.
  • Identify and work with expert suppliers, issue a brief, pricing, etc.


Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!


Marketing Management

On the basis of your venture’s current stage, a number of measures will be taken in the marketing management process.


The process of Marketing Management will include:


Gaia's Startup Marketing Stages

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