Startup Branding

Brand Identity

Branding is creating an identity for your product in the mind of your potential customers.

The objective of every business is to maximize value for its shareholders.


The company’s value is measured by two factors:

  • Company's Revenues
  • Brand Awarness

Building your brand has a major part in creating the company’s value


By creating a brand identity, your startup will be rooted into your customer’s mind and differentiate your product from competitors in the marketing category.

Gaia’s marketing team will work with you to differentiate and create your unique brand, to achieve business success and become your market leader.

Define your startup’s brand identity

The brand identity built on the 4 core definitions of your market strategy:

  • The primary and secondary potential customers
  • Your Product definition
  • The market category your product should lead
  • The value proposition (the pain or the drive to purchase)


Startup Branding Image


The more the market startegy will be research based, more professinal and accurate, the more focused and efficient the marketing activity will be and will drive more sales faster.

Building the Brand visual identity in three steps

  1. Creating the Brand Identity brief
  2. Finding the professional service providers: Graphic and digital designers, Digital experts, Video clips creators, Copywriters and more.
  3. Working together to assure getting the most accurate and effective brand materials.

The most important branding elements:

  • Name and Logo (including the right tag-line)
  • The company’s visual Graphic concept (as appear on a brochure or Company’s Presentation, brand pages on social networks etc.)
  • Company’s Website and video


Implementing the Brand presence in every activity, everywhere ..

  • The company’s visual language – begins with the logo
  • The verbal language – begins with the company’s unified product and category definition
  • The company’s messages

For a professional evaluation of your startup branding, contact us today. We’d be glad to meet and provide more information on Gaia’s Market Strategy Process.
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