Guest Post: Blogging – Expanding Your Horizons

Article by Josh Wardini, Community Manager

Thinking of starting a new business? Perhaps you have a new idea and you’ve been brainstorming tirelessly about how to introduce it to the world? Then blogging is what you need.

The question on your mind now would be “why blogging?”. The simple answer is that people love blogs, so you have a great chance of reaching a wide audience. This way, you get to create massive awareness and introduce your idea to the world. The best part is that with the advent of information technology, creating your own blog is really simple these days.

All you need is a free copy of WordPress, a week or two to learn it, some good  WordPress hosting and you’re good to go! And the payoff can potentially be huge. With blogging, you can make people understand why you’re passionate about a particular thing. Thus, you get them to buy into your idea. You don't have to be a genius to run a blog, and it is quite easy to start up.

About 1.5 million people, including individuals and companies, are actively involved in blogging today. About five times that number spend a reasonable amount of time reading these blogs. In fact, 45% of marketers believe that blogging is the number 1 most important piece of their content strategy. A lot of companies allocate their budget to content marketing, and these companies spend an estimate of $790M on blog marketing and development.

As a beginner, it might also interest you to know that small businesses that blog get about 126% leads more than those who don't. Also, blogging increases ROI. Marketers who have made blogging a priority are more likely to enjoy a positive ROI.

There is more to it. Apart from creating the much needed awareness for your business, you also get to earn some extra cash. A lot of bloggers have that as main source of income; companies who have been doing it for long enough record massive profits too.

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