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How this very special entrepreneur reached his Entrepreneurial Business Success?

Dr. Kevin Gazzara represents a different kind of entrepreneur - that’s why there is so much to learn from his journey What are the practical steps needed to reach ongoing paying customers and business growth?  Dr. Kevin Gazzara answers the definition of a different kind of entrepreneur. Actually, the word ‘Entrepreneur’ wasn’t even relevant for Kevin for most of his 18 years of working at Intel. However, Kevin made a promise that at the age of 50 he would leave Intel and go share his knowledge and vast experience with the world. Kevin worked for Intel Corporation, holding management positions for Management and Leadership development, Intel University for the US, the Graduate Rotation Program, mentoring programs for Intel’s worldwide Human Resources Organization, and more. He is also a faculty at Grand Canyon University, University of Phoenix, Drexel University, and Ohalo College.
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The most important choices entrepreneurs make that affect their chances for entrepreneurial business success Part 1

Today is our election day. Over the last two weeks, it has felt like this election is the most critical choice we could make. However, by the end of the week new challenges, struggles, and changes will arise. Once we make a choice, it becomes a fact. Most of us, me included, tend to forget past events that were crucial at the time. That’s what started me thinking about the most critical choices most entrepreneurs make and how it affects their entrepreneurial business success. I have worked with more than 120 startups and entrepreneurs, and met with thousands more over the last eleven years since I established my own company/entrepreneurship for startup founders and entrepreneurs.
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How these three successful entrepreneurs build their market leadership

During the last month I interviewed Josh Steimleת Bea Pole-Bokor and Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe. There is something all of them are doing that enables them to shine and succeed. Learn how you can implement the same thing to your entrepreneurial business: During the last month, I interviewed three successful young entrepreneurs. I heard about them from different sources, and there wasn’t a practical reason they’ve all been in one month. Each of the became an entrepreneur differently. And yet, there is a close similarity in the way the three of them are creating their entrepreneurial business success. Let’s start in knowing a bit about them:
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