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My Conclusions after (almost) 100 podcasting episodes: The 3 most important tips to help you gain ongoing growth of paying customers and business success

We are about to REACH 100 episodes of the REACH OR MISS podcast. And I can’t help but feel a bit sentimental about it. I want to discuss why I started this podcast, and address the question: did I achieve at least some of the main objective that brought me to launch this podcast almost two years ago (March 20th 2017, to be exact). I won’t tell the whole story now, just the main facts. In January 2008, after 21 years of executive marketing positions in leading multinational and local brands, I founded a company aiming to help entrepreneurs and startup founders become successful by winning market category leadership using the right marketing and sales approach.
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Are you an entrepreneur or a small business owner?

It’s not like someone can decide ‘You are an entrepreneur’, or ‘no, you are a small business owner’. However from the last eleven years I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and startup founders I have noticed, there are three main differences: At first, only startup founders were considered entrepreneurs. In time, a new type of entrepreneur evolved, who started small, aiming to earn money from the early stages, bring new ventures, and create a big difference in their field. Today, this trend has gone a step further. It seems like everyone is leaving their ‘9 to 5’ jobs to open their own business and calling themselves entrepreneurs.
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Brian Hart had only inbound customers from the first day of his entrepreneurial business

Brian Hart is my podcast guest this week. I hadn’t known he was going to say that he’d never needed to look for customers when I invited him to be a guest on my show. I invited him because I’d read several of his articles on Inc. Magazine, learned about him through Twitter and LinkedIn, and thought he could bring value to my podcast listeners - most of whom are entrepreneurs.
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