Our Story

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Gaia-VSM is the world's leading Start-up Marketing and Market Strategy consulting firms. We work with the top Israeli start-up companies to assist them make better decisions, bases on a real and accurate market strategy. In that way, our clients can convert decisions to pinpointed marketing activities and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

The objective is to allow every start-up to draw up a clear and accurate go to market plan, which will lead ‎ to the fastest entry into the market.

Gaia-VSM was established by Hayut Yogev, with the vision of providing the Israeli start-ups with the right market strategy and marketing that will pave their way to success in the global market.

Gaia has built and designed a unique model that allows its customers to undergo a structured, quick, and professional process of formulating market strategies. Gaia’s Market Strategy process is built on a very comprehensive yet fast market research of three stages. In the framework of the process, Gaia assists its customers in explicitly defining the structure of their products, and to synchronize amongst them in the dynamic international markets. In such, Gaia enables its customers to maximize their potential success in the global market.

The tendency of most technological start-up companies is to almost completely allocate its personal and financial resources to building and development. This tendency is coupled with a minor emphasis placed on building a market strategy, and constitutes an extremely significant basis in the process of corporate success.

Often, there are significant gaps between the way the product is being presented and the needs of the market in which it is being launched. In the process of building market strategies, Gaia is able, through research tools, to approach the product from the perspective of the most potential clients, and to identify these gaps. Once the gaps have been identified, Gaia has the tools to mold the product and the marketing and sale procedures to fit the characteristics of the target market’s needs.