Hayut founded GAIA in January 2008, with the vision of helping Israeli start up companies break into global markets, thereby achieving success that will turn the Israeli economy into the fastest growing and most stable economy among developed countries.
Hayut brings extensive experience and over 30 years of expertise in business management, strategic planning, marketing and trade in leading international and local companies. Hayut specializes in new business development with international partners, offering superb marketing, commerce and communications skills.

Prior to Gaia, Hayut served as VP Marketing at Nokia Israel and part of Nokia’s international marketing gruop , General Manager of Bagir Israel, VP marketing at Danshar and other companies, managing leading global and local brands like Lipton, Energizer, Hain, Tami 4, and many more.
Hayut holds an MBA from Bar-Ilan University.

Mobile: 972-52-5531112