Breakthrough StartUp Marketing


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Gaia specializes in building market strategies and marketing for technology start-up companies

Market strategy

Magical Escape Sky

Research-based marketing strategy that will identify where the greatest opportunities are for your start-up at the relevant stage, and the fundamental definitions that will lead you to a breakthrough in the international market.
This is just as necessary for a young company as for a company that is already in the market.

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Start-up Branding

Gold Egg In The Nest

Differentiate and consolidate your unique brand as the category leader according to your market strategy.

Create a visual and conceptual brand identity and adapt it to the right marketing perception of the potential customer.

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Start-up Marketing

Business Pie Chart Concept

Plan, manage, and advise on a new monthly marketing activity plan in order to realize the strategic objective and achieve optimal business results. ‎ Identify the best suppliers and most professional marketing tools, issue a brief, form a budget, and manage your start-up according to the monthly targets.

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  • Tvinci

    Gaia has been accompanying Tvinci for the past 6 months. Their team is involved in Tvinci's fundamental internal processes, providing a substantial contribution to both strategic and tactical aspects
  • WhichIT

    By the clear understanding that marketing strategy is one of the fundamental aspects of product’s success, Gaia company led by the CEO Hayut Yogev, did a professional, thorough and comprehensive work, while displaying a courteous and caring service, from the…
  • Visualead

    We in Visualead started working with Gaia at an early stage of our company. Gaia's team could analyze the market and draw all the information needed from us to build a marketing strategy to the company. Later on Gaia’s team…