Three Super Simple Hacks to Upgrade Your Startup Marketing

By Zahi Fish

Marketing is not an easy job, especially for entrepreneurs and startups. There is always something, do you agree? The budget is never adequate, too much work meets not enough work force, and of course, the challenge in explaining an innovative product in our everyday simple words.

There are many articles about how video marketing, live video, and content can contribute to your website traffic and conversion rate. However, if they are just passing by your prospects, none of them will be relevant.

Therefore, before you spend more money or your precious time and hit that Record button to send live video to your X number of followers, here are three simple and completely FREE hacks to help your Customer Focus:

  1. Brainstorm with your colleagues, friends and family about your product/service.

    Out of the 110 companies that we worked with, there was only one where both of the co-founders defined the product the same way. ONLY one! Our minds are not clear; we might fall in love with our thoughts without considering other opinions. Maybe, as a founder, you know your product best, but you are 100 percent subjective. Let us take Joe for example - he built an innovative company called, Aiderly. With two simple and clever automated products, he can improve the daily life of elderly people when encountering domestic chores like dishwashing, cooking, and cleaning. However, something is not working right, there are no sales. While struggling by himself with finding the right words to describe his future customer's pain-points, he does not even think about his secretary, Vanessa, who lives next door to an elder couple and help them every now and then with the EXACT same daily chores. If she was involved in the thinking process, it could have taken Joe one-step closer to finding his missing puzzle piece. (Ok ok, maybe you are a solopreneur, if that is the case try your friends, family, neighbors, etc.) Ask in every direction possible, you never know where the answers will come from.

  2. Engage with your audience on social media, ask questions.

    In our digital and social age, it has never been so easy to find prospects and ask them about what they think. Sticking to Joe’s example, instead of struggling on your own, reach out and ask questions. It can be about your product, your solution, or about the customer's problem and pain-points. That is what I mean when I say engage. Do not tweet, "Hey Agent007, thanks for the follow!" Start a deep two-way conversation; understand their difficulties, what they struggle with, every word they say will count! Even if you only have 10 followers, ask them if they like your content, if it is relevant to their situation, maybe you are digging the wrong tunnel.

    There are so many Facebook groups to start a discussion, find the groups where your audience is likely to be, see which words they use, how they describe their problems, figure out if your solution is solving a REAL problem.

    If you are already an active group member, go to the group members section and Start Reaching with private messages to people who look like potential customers to you. Do not sell anything; try to see what you are missing.

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  3. Competitive landscape

    It is time to play detective and start investigating what worked for our competitors. There is a great way to find more competitors, write on Google search bar "your worst enemy as a competitor" VS… “your company”  and let Google's magic do the rest.

    Competitive tip

    Great we have found more competition, however before we dive in:

    First, put all your prejudice aside and just let their funnel take you by the hand and guide you thru the website.

    Second, pay attention to the CTAs, SEO keywords, look and feel, words and phrases, relevant links,  pricing, what they call their product/services; it is an endless list. Again – every word counts!

    • Professional TIP - Write it down! Even If you will do all of the above, but you count on your memory, it will not work.
    • After a few minutes of wandering around the website, you will be in one of these three conditions:
    • You woke up and realized that you just fell asleep on the computer. The website was boring and you could not learn nothing from it. Good for you! Move on to the next website.
    • The product introduction video was cool, there was one Call To Action that made you click submit, and the overall site atmosphere is cool. You know that your own website could use some plug-ins and styling, if it worked for them, it might just work for you.
    • The sun went down hours ago, you read all the blog posts, heard every podcast episode, and have seen every page on the website – you just lost this war mate.
    • Just kidding! There is something to learn from every site that we see. If you do not have a lot of time to check each website, I would go to these three – Homepage, the About, and the pricing page.

In conclusion, there are several things to do in order to make your Marketing & Customer Focus more accurate, use the next week to take a break from the blogs that all teach the same things. Look for relevant information and most importantly, learn from the people your product is aimed at - your customers.

The information is out there; at the end of the day, you are the decision maker. However, keep in mind:

"The idea that you're supposed to do everything on your own is absurd. You can't." Natasha Leggero




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