The best thing about working with Gaia is the personal touch given by Hayut and the team in addition to their true willingness to participate and assist in implementing the market strategy and the marketing plan.

Itay Eshet, CEO, Nipagesh

The Gaia Team is an excellent staff, who know exactly what things D.O.G. SEC needs. Amazing work was done together with Gaia, and I am 100% certain that they will keep taking us to the right places in the future

Eli Amar, Founder & CEO, D.O.G. Spec

Working with Gaia placed our project and product, into a management and marketing focus. We have learned the advantages and disadvantages of potential markets and which ways will serve best to reach them. We Received and still receiving ongoing guidance and assistance throughout the period in addition to a strong sense of reality along with a shared belief in the process, that as much as we concern the longer it will be the better.

Ran Hirsch, Founder, Eco Tap