Working with Gaia and Hayut has been an eye opening experience. Gaia has managed to teach our company how marketing works and to implement both marketing strategy with implementation and execution. Every startup that goes without these process is practically blind

Eli Lopian, CEO, Typemock

The process we’ve gone through with Gaia was very successful, and successfully identified the differentiation of our company and our product, and the direction we need to take. Following this process we at Spikko continued our development of our products, specifically our mobile app, so it will fit the aforementioned direction. The conclusions of the market strategy process provided Spikko the ability to present a new category, in which Spikko leads the way. These conclusions proved themselves for more than a few months now, and we anticipate complete success in this new category. On behalf of the entire management team and the board of directors we would like to thank you on the professional, dedicated and thorough work, and the process and insights it gave us, which will undoubtfully allow Spikko to succeed.

Shai Ben Arzi, CEO, Spikko

I would describe working with Gaia in a single word "Precise". For Ridar Tech choosing Gaia for marketing strategy was a win-win decision. We got an accurate and clear marketing strategy. An improved understanding of our customers' pain points. And above all, we enjoyed a great learning experience of how to think for marketing. Hayut and the entire team at Gaia excelled the task of learning, understanding and analyzing a not-so-common industry for startup marketing.

Ran Hadary, Co-Founder & CEO, RidarTech

Working with Gaia in several layers to improve business and marketing strategy. I can honestly say that the process was enlightening in many different aspects and changed both our tactical behavior and the long-term strategy. The process made us ask ourselves very serious questions and helped us to reach painful yet extremely important conclusions that assisted us to successfully grow.

Hilla Ovil Brenner CEO & Founder KeyDownload, Former Founder & CEO WhiteSmoke, WhiteSmoke

In tight financial time we decided to generate market strategy & build a marketing plan with the support of Gaia. This was the best decision we could take. We very much agree with Chazal who said "The end of each deed starts with a smart thinking". We're not at the end yet, But thanks to the right ,market strategy & marketing planning, our development can focus on what really counts and we know how to articulate to our shareholders how and when we will succeed. The marketing plan that we have done together with Gaia helped us achieve focus. It is my strong belief that each startup must start with market strategy and executing it with Gaia will bring you success. With Gaia you are in good hands.

Ami Aricha, CEO, 12trix