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100 episodes. And I never thought I would ever have my own company.

When you manage tens of millions of dollars in marketing budgets for the leading brands around the world, you are sure it’s the most influential position you can get. A summary of 2 things I was wrong about, 1 thing I was right about, and 2 interesting questions: I never considered having a podcast. I never considered writing a blog either. It all started 11 years ago. It was a month after I decided to leave my executive position as the VP of Marketing for Nokia in Israel. We managed to reach Nokia's highest targets in terms of market share, brand preference (+160%), and brand loyalty (+127%). But we mainly managed to gain back the market leadership crown, which had been stolen from us in 2003.
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How to Get a Great ROI on Your Influencer Marketing Plan

How to Get a Great ROI on Your Influencer Marketing Plan By Murray Newlands, July 2016 <Article Source> To most old school marketers, influencer marketing seems risky and without merit. More than a few have asked me, “Where’s the legitimate ROI?” Without a native knowledge of social media, those who have marketed the same way for…
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Israeli Start-up Marketing Weekly Review 59

Israeli Start-up Marketing Weekly Review - "Content Marketing Strategy: How To Create Killer Headlines for your startup" 20.12.2013 - 26.12.2013               Gaia-VSM collects for you some of the most practical and thoughtful posts for entrepreneur and marketing professional in the Israeli arena in order to promote knowledge about new…
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