Israeli Start-up Marketing Weekly Review 203

Israeli Start-up Marketing Weekly Review

12.01.2017 - 18.01.2017

Every week Gaia-VSM collects the most relevant, interesting and practical information on marketing for entrepreneurs, to promote the knowledge of the hottest trends, to analyze relevant studies and more.

The topics include building a winning marketing strategy, news from the  entrepreneurial world, how to find the right target audience, international market penetration, product definition, new trends and more.

  • 7 Inspiring Lessons That Will Guide You on the Road to Success – "I've worked for a Forbes Global 2000 company, a Fortune 100 company, a Fortune 500 company, and a total of four public companies. I spent over 8 years of my life at these enterprises and had a fantastic set of unforgettable experiences. More importantly, it came with a lot of lessons too. I'd like to share those with you. I hope it helps you crush it in your career."
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  • The Right Way to Do Mobile Marketing - While people and businesses increasingly spend more time on mobile devices and technology, advertisers haven’t quite caught up, said Anindya Ghose, professor of information, operation and management sciences as well as marketing at New York University, who recently penned a new book, Tap: Unlocking the Mobile Economy. Ghose and Wharton marketing professor David Bell discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of mobile marketing.
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  • 6 Essential App Marketing Tools - Are you leveraging the right tools and tactics to assess the marketing of your app, and keep users engaged once you’ve acquired them? To do so, you’ll need a mix of tools and functionality. Your app’s mix will vary based on your goals, but the ideal toolkit is one that lets you interact with users - and track and measure their usage - at every stage in their journey.
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