Israeli Start-up Marketing Weekly Review 198

Israeli Start-up Marketing Weekly Review

08.12.2016 - 14.12.2016

Every week Gaia-VSM collects the most relevant, interesting and practical information on marketing for entrepreneurs, to promote the knowledge of the hottest trends, to analyze relevant studies and more.

The topics include building a winning marketing strategy, news from the  entrepreneurial world, how to find the right target audience, international market penetration, product definition, new trends and more.

  • Yahoo Says Hackers Stole Information From Over 1 Billion Accounts - Hackers stole data from more than one billion Yahoo user accounts, the company disclosed yesterday. This breach is believed to be in addition to the one that was announced just a few months ago.
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  • Bill Gates launches new $1 billion fund to save the earth - Breakthrough Energy Ventures is a new investor-led fund made up of members of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, which will be "guided by scientific and technological expertise and committed to investing patiently in developing new ways to live, eat, travel, and build," it says on its homepage.
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  • 10 Projected Startup Trends of 2017 - Maybe you’re an entrepreneur trying to pin down your next big idea. Maybe you’re a small business owner wondering what new competition might be awaiting you around the corner. You might be an investor, trying to jump on early trends to turn an impressive profit. Or maybe you’re just a consumer, eagerly awaiting the new technologies, products and services that are going to make your life better in the coming years. Whatever the case, if you’re looking forward to the next generation of startups that’s coming in 2017, it pays to know what trends to look for as we leave 2016 behind.
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