About Us

Gaia's Vision: To provide Israeli start-ups with the right market strategy and marketing, that will pave their way to success in the global market

Gaia's Story

Gaia-VSM is the world's leading Startup Marketing and Market Strategy consulting firm. We work with the top Israeli startup companies to assist them make better decisions, based on a real and accurate market strategy. In that way, our clients can convert decisions to pinpointed marketing activities and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

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Why Choose Us

Gaia has built and designed a unique model that allows its customers to undergo a structured, quick, and professional process of formulating market strategies. Gaia’s Market Strategy process is built on a very comprehensive yet fast market research of three stages. In this framework of the process, Gaia assists its customers in explicitly defining the structure of their products, and to synchronize amongst them in the dynamic international markets. In such, Gaia enables its customers to maximize their potential success in the global market.


Meet the Team

  • Hayut Yogev

    Hayut founded GAIA in January 2008, with the vision of helping Israeli start up companies break into global markets, thereby achieving success that will turn the Israeli economy into the…

  • Anat Perlman

    Anat is responsible for customer relations and manages the processes of market strategy. Born and raised in New York, Anat brings over 14 years of international experience in marketing and…

  • Guy Rozyo

    Guy is responsible for market analysis and marketing research as part of the market strategy process. As a techie Guy knows where to find the most valuable and current information…

  • Naor Naftali

    Naor is responsible for execution and maintenance of the company’s business development strategy, marketing implementation across several startup companies (our clients), and production of marketing initiatives, according to the company’s…

  • Anna Kheifets

    Anna is responsible for online marketing and Social Media platforms. She generates innovative ideas in the field of Social Media Marketing and helps in building a market presence on social…

  • Zahi Fish

    Zahi is responsible for market analysis and marketing research as part of the market strategy process. Before coming to Gaia, Zahi was an officer in the IDF, Zahi studied computer…